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Photo by Concordia University/Names cited with permission (Click to Enlarge)
Awards 2014: Recipients Andrew Dafoe and Jennifer Date
flanked by Mary Baldwin and Roger Côté


The Concordia Retired Faculty and Staff Awards Endowment Fund was established in 2002, through the generosity of the Concordia University Pensioners’ Association (CUPA) members at that time, and through the hard work of the late John Hall. The endowment is the result of an agreement between the University and CUPA to use the proceeds of the demutualization of the Sun Life Insurance Policy to fund scholarships in the name of the retired employees. The awards are funded from the investment of the original endowment fund and any additional gifts which are designated for this purpose. The number and amounts of awards is determined by the performance of the fund.

Half the income from the fund is designated for graduate student awards and half for undergraduate students, providing in-course undergraduate scholarships and bursaries. Recipients are selected by the University, must be Canadian citizens or permanent residents, and must have completed one year of full-time studies at Concordia. Awards are not renewable, but recipients may be eligible and/or re-apply in successive years.

Graduate Awards are made on the basis of academic excellence and financial need, and are administered by the School of Graduate Studies. For the past two years four Graduate awards of $5,000 have been made each year.

At the undergraduate level, one scholarship and one bursary is awarded in each of the four faculties. Currently these are valued at $2,500 each.

If we wish to continue or increase our support to students and assist them to complete their studies, then our CUPA scholarships and awards fund needs to grow. To make a donation:
Send a cheque, payable to Concordia University, with a note on the memo line specifying the funds are to be designated for the Concordia University Faculty and Staff Scholarships and Awards Endowment, to Advancement and Alumni Relations (1455 de Maisonneuve Blvd W., FB 520, Montreal QC H3G 1M8)

Or, you may use your credit card to donate by visiting, and specifying this fund:

The Latest Testimonials (October, 2016)

The University Advancement Office recently forwarded copies of letters from students who received Retired Faculty and Staff Scholarships and Awards in 2015-16. The students who receive our awards are always most appreciative, as demonstrated by the following extracts from some of the letters from Undergraduate recipients:

“I am truly honored to be the recipient of the 2015-16 CRF&S Bursary …I am currently studying Art History and First People Studies. I have two semesters left in my undergrad and am very much looking forward to pursuing my masters degree at Concordia University. Throughout my studies I have come to recognize my passion and interest in First Nations Art History, and wish to establish further research in the shallowly explored area of East Coast First Nation Art…..I cannot thank you enough for your vote of confidence and belief in my academic journey.”(Undergrad bursary recipient)

“I applied to the In-Course Bursary program, because shortly after starting my fall semester, I realized that working full-time and keeping good academic standing was not feasible. I was in a financial situation where I was obligated to have a full-time position in order to provide my living expenses. Thanks to this award I am now able to focus solely on my studies and improve my grades. I am a Civil Engineering student in my third year at Concordia University. I want to specialize in environmental engineering. Now that my financial situation has taken a turn, I am able to devote my time in taking the respective classes and finding an internship. My goal is to gain the necessary experience before graduating. Thanks to you, I am one step closer to achieving that goal……I hope that one day I will be able to help students achieve their goals just as you have helped me.”(Undergrad bursary recipient)

“I was extremely excited when I received the email that advised me that this bursary was granted to me…I am in my second year of undergraduate studies at Concordia completing my degree in the specialization of Biochemistry, and I am currently a member of the Science College, undergoing a minor in multidisciplinary studies. I have recently been chosen for the RISE scholar program, which is a research competition with the majority of universities across Canada. At Concordia 1 out of 4 students were chosen and I am very proud to be one of those students……this bursary will help me enormously both financially and mentally. Not having to worry about how to pay for the next semester will allow me to fully concentrate on my studies. I am a child that was raised by a single mother, who must say taught me very good values. However it has been difficult for my mom to support me financially thru my studies. My mom has been in and out of work and has now found a good job, but times are still difficult when there is only one salary coming into a household. She has given up a lot to put me thru school and is very proud of my accomplishments. I hope that after reading this letter you will feel that you have made an excellent choice and understand how grateful I am and how much your generosity has helped both my mother and I.”(Undergrad bursary recipient) “I was thrilled and I am truly honored to learn of my selection for this scholarship. The notification letter that I received on Christmas Eve was a great surprise and a marvellous gift. I am currently majoring in Finance with hopes of becoming a financial analyst. Since I recently changed my career direction, my study budget was quite diminished and this financial assistance you provided me is a stress reliever and will be of great help to pursue my studies……….I will enjoy every last bit of this scholarship.” (Mathieu Perron, Undergraduate Scholarship)

“I am writing this letter to express to my sincerest thanks and gratitude for choosing me as a recipient of your scholarship this year. Receiving this news before beginning a new semester gave me an extraordinary push and multiplied my determination to continue working hard towards achieving my goals. I am currently an engineering student at Concordia University, department of computer engineering. Studying in one of the fastest growing domains nowadays, I am determined to keep developing my knowledge and abilities so that one day I can leave my print and contribute to the continuous technological growth in our society.”(Salma Aly, Undergraduate Scholarship)

“I am writing to express my sincere gratitude to you for making the Concordia University Retired Faculty and Staff Scholarship possible. I was overjoyed to learn of my selection for this award and I am deeply appreciative of your support. I am currently a student majoring in Mathematics and Statistics, but I am also working nearly full-time as a tutor for NJC Educational Services…Receiving this scholarship alleviated a large financial burden since I had to pay for the replacement of the roof of my family home, which my mother and I are currently paying the mortgage off for. Just as soon as I had finished with my final examinations for the semester, and was looking at the daunting task of assessing how I was going to pay off the bill for the new roof, I read this letter. It is hard to describe on paper the joy and disbelief that resonated through me, and I assure you that this scholarship will motivate me to continue to work hard.” (Harenssan Kandish, Undergraduate Scholarship)

These students thoroughly deserve all the support we can give - so please be generous when next you receive a request from Concordia, making sure that you identify your contribution is to go towards the Retired Faculty and Staff Scholarships and Awards Endowment. Mary Baldwin

Previous Years

Photo by Concordia University/Names cited with permission (Click to Enlarge)

Recent Awards
On April 11, Mary Baldwin, CUPARUC board member for our association's scholarship awards, attended the Donor and Student Awards Celebration at the Sofitel Hotel, and is shown here with two of our Retired Faculty and Staff Undergraduate Scholarship recipients. At the left of the photo is Fan Xu, originally from China who is studying Finance at JMSB in her second year and on the right of the photo is Stephanie Coleman, from Fine Arts, whois about to graduate this June with a Major in Fibres with an interest in material practices in the Studio Arts program.


Photo by Concordia University
Two recent Awards recipients, Joseph Posel - Bachelor of Arts (Western Society & Culture, Psychology) and Anne Durning - Bachelor of Commerce (International Business) flanked by Mary Baldwin, member of the executive responsible for the CUPARUC Awards program, and Bill Knitter, president of CUPARUC
(Names cited with permission.)


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