Spring Meeting: 2010

CUPA's Spring General Meeting was held on April 29, 2010


Photo by Doreen Hutton
Graham Martin chairs the meeting Fairly well attended
Graham Martin Well Attended


Photo by Doreen Hutton
Mair Verthuy introduces our speaker Pearl Elliadis
Graham Martin Well Attended


Pearl Elliadis

The guest speaker at the CUPARUC Annual General Meeting of April 29 was Pearl Eliadis, noted Human Rights Lawyer. Pearl was introduced Maïr Verthuy, who noted that she is the Director of the Shield of Athena, a prominent social organization dedicated to preventing violence against woman and children.

Pearl Eliadis then spoke on her main theme, ie: “Canada faces many challenges today: Key players in the international community are concerned that Canada's place and reputation in the international community are slipping, largely because of human rights failures at home. Second, we seem to be seeing a hardening of our approaches to managing diversity, at least in Quebec. At the same time, other human rights issues have slipped off the policy agenda entirely.”

Pearl Eliadis feels that Canada is deciding much foreign policy based on the expectations of the US government, citing the Khadr case, which has been roundly condemned by the international community, and demonstrates our government’s lack of support for its citizens in not repatriating Khadr, as all other governments have done regarding their nationals incarcerated in Guantanamo Bay.

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