Fall Meeting: 2010

CUPA's Fall General Meeting was held on October 28, 2010


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Graham Martin chairs the meeting
Graham Martin


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Reports Presented
Reports Reports
Reports Reports


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Our Speaker: Sheri McLeod
N.D.G. Senior Citizens' Council www.ndgscc.ca
Sheril McLeod


Sheri Mcleod:

Sheri McLeod, Executive Director of the N.D.G. Senior Citizens’ Council, spoke to those present at the AGM on October 28th, 2010. Ms. McLeod shared her perspective on the changing realities within the health and social service sector over the past twenty years.

Some of the key issues were the changing structure of our local clinics (now CSSS) which have impacted the community in many ways. As well, she relayed the progress made in Adapted Transport, which serves those with reduced mobility. Further efforts are currently underway to develop a more comprehensive medical transport service, spearheaded by the Table de Concertation de L’ile de Montréal.

The issue of budgets cuts and home support services was highlighted in light of long-term care beds being closed, particularly in inner city areas of Montreal. Referring to a campaign conducted by the Federation d’Age d’Or du Quebec, Ms. McLeod highlighted the hypocrisy of the Liberal slogan “Chez Soi, le premier choix.

Issues such as the demands required of caregivers, particularly those in the English-speaking community with its’ shrinking middle-aged “caregiver generation” and the major challenges affecting the 50+ English-speaking community were also presented.

In closing, Ms. McLeod shared her perspective on some of the changes that have occurred in the world of small non-profits over the past two decades. Despite a lack of community space and excessive requirements to compete with the expectations of larger institutions in the public and private sector, she reminded those attending that it was still a place of strong ideals, dedication and compassion that welcomed people from all walks of life.

Sheri McLeod can be reached at 514 487 1311 – smcleod@ndgscc.ca

Photo by Doreen Hutton
Sheri McLeod and Graham Martin
Sheril McLeod and Graham Martin


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