Fall Meeting: 2011

CUPA's Fall General Meeting was held on November 4, 2011


Photo by Doreen Hutton
Our New President, Bill Knitter, Chairs the Meeting
Reports Reports


Photo by Doreen Hutton
Howard Fink Delivers the Update on our Penson Situation
Reports Reports


Photo by Doreen Hutton
Our Speaker: Quincy Armorer, with Bill Knitter
Black Theatre Worskhsop: www.blacktheatreworkshop.ca/
Sheril McLeod


Quincy Armorer

Quincy Armorer, an accomplished Shakespearean actor, gave us insights into what it was like to bring to life the words of the Bard for this generation. Hopefully, he will soon share with us some written comments based on his presentation. Be sure to check back!

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