Vol. 13, no. 2. August/août 2004


The survey generated 126 responses - about a 30% return, which is good for this type of survey. Of these, six (6) were from widows of deceased members. Only 12 responses were unsigned. Our deep gratitude to Graham and Margaret Martin, who tabulated the results. In the summary which follows, except where there are indications to the contrary, the figures are expressed as a percentage of the number of persons responding to the particular question.
1. Date of retirement. All respondents answered. In the case of widows, the date refers to the deceased member. 4.8% retired between 2000 and 2004, 52.4% between 1995 and 1999 (the period of early retirement incentives), 15.1% between 1990 and 1994, 18.3% between 1985 and 1989, 8.7% between 1980 and 1984 and 0.08% before 1980.
2. Attachment at the point of retirement. Of the 95.0% responding, 56.7% had been members of Faculty and 43.3% of Staff and Administration.
3. Number of years of membership in CUPA. Of the 96.8% responding, 11.5% had been members for five (5) years or less, 48.4% for between five (5) and 10 years, 13.9% for between 10 and 15 and 26.2% for 15 years or more.
4. Age bracket. All respondents answered. 5.6% gave their age bracket as 55-59, 10.3% as 60-64, 26.2% as 65-69, 24.6% as 70-74, 23.0% as 75-79 and 10.3% as 80 or over.
5. Satisfaction with CUPA activities in the area of Pensions. Of the 96.8% responding, 41.8% were "very satisfied", 47.5% were "quite satisfied", 0% were "satisfied". 1.6% were "not satisfied" and 9.0% had "no opinion".
6. Satisfaction with CUPA activities in the area of Benefits. Of the 96.0% responding (two members were non-participants), 38.8% were "very satisfied", 47.9% were "quite satisfied", 1.7% were "satisfied", 3.3% were "not satisfied" and 8.3% had "no opinion".
7. Importance of CUPA social activities. Of the 91.3% responding, 5.2% considered these "very important", 30.4% "quite important", 64.4% "not important". (Some respondents indicated that distance was a factor).
8. Participation in CUPA social activities. 46 respondents (36.5%) declared themselves as living too far away to attend. For the December Annual Luncheon, (actual head-count) 12 attended "frequently", 29 "occasionally", and 39 "never". For the Day at the Races, 6 attended "frequently", 4 "occasionally" and 53 "never". For the Sugaring-off, 6 attended "frequently", 9 "occasionally" and 50 "never". For Visits to museums, theatres, etc., 4 attended "frequently", 13 "occasionally" and 48 "never". A good score of suggestions for activities were made.
9. Reading of CUPARUC. All respondents but one answered. 88.9% answered "always", 10.3% "sometimes", 0% "never" (Your Editor abstained, for obvious reasons!).
10. CUPARUC content. High ratings were given to President's Message, Summaries of meetings, News of members, Articles on Finance, Fellow-retirees' experiences. There were lower evaluations for Travel, Reminiscences and Research activities. Note has been taken of the few suggestions for change in content.
11. CUPA meetings. 96.0% of respondents answered. Of these 40.5% live too far away to attend. Of the remainder, of those responding in each case 8.3% were in favour of more frequent meetings, 91.7% opposed. 97.2% felt that meetings are held at a good time of year, 2.8% that they are not. 91.7% thought that meetings are held at a good time of day, while 6.9% did not. 17.7% thought that meetings should be accompanied by a meal, and 82.4% did not. 80.3% thought that meetings should be combined with light refreshments, and 18.2% did not.
12. Guest speakers. Of the 61.9% responding (the balance presumably live too far away to attend meetings), 92.3% were in favour of having guest speakers, 7.7% were opposed. As for topics, Health was favoured by 83.3%, Finance by 68.1%, Concordia by 61.1%, Travel by 59.7%, Research by 45.8% and Politics by 40.3%. There was a small number of interesting suggestions, and one response was "something enjoyable on any subject BUT Concordia"!
13. A number of interesting suggestions for future CUPA activities will be studied by the Executive, and those on which action is planned will be communicated in future editions of the newsletter.
14. 20 members indicated their interest in being involved in the activities of CUPA.